• Pumps

    • Centrifugal sludge pumps

    • Mape Atex pump for the explosive area

    • Protective elements of mechanical seals

    • Vertical pumps

  • Mining equipment

    • Scraper winches

    • Corf tipper

    • Scrollable grid




Used Components


Sludge pumps MAPE are currently used in businesses with very demanding operational conditions such as uranium ore mines, sand pits, mines, kaoline mining, gravel pits, sewerage plants, sugar refineries, transport of pasture in agriculture, desulphurization device in power plants, chemical industry and other similar plants where transportation of sludges and aggressive abrasive materials is needed. Here we present distribution of our products in our significant customers’ plants:

Customer MAPE type Transported material Use
Diamo s.p. 50,100,150 transport of ore concentrate sludge treatment
Diamo s.p.Zadní Chodov 50 mine sludges transport of sludges to filter presses,pressure 10 bar
Diamo s.p.Kaňk K.Hora 50 kaly z neutralizce transport to filter presses, 5,8 bar
Kemwater Prochemie 50 aluminium sulphate 75% aluminium sulphate PH 0-1, temp. 65°C transport
ZD Opařany 50 pasture transport of pasture for livestock
Elektroporcelán Louny 50 keramická hmota transport of ceramic suspension
DP hl.města Prahy a.s 50 sludges sludge and sewage water
KM Beta s.r.o. 50 ceramic suspension transport of ceramic suspension
Tondach ČR, s.r.o 50 ceramic suspension transport of ceramic suspension
ČEZ a.s. 50,100 flue-dust, energogypsum desulphurization of power plants,neutralization
Lasselsberger, a.s 50,100 ceramic suspension transport of ceramic suspension
Kemifloc a.s. 50,100 ferric sulphate transport of 50% ferric sulphate
Veolia voda ČR, a.s 50,100 whitewash sewerage plants, sludge neutralization
Sokolovská uhelná a.s. 100 flue-dust transport of flue-dust and sludges
Synthesia a.s. 100 sludges sewerage plants, transport of sludges
Slovnaft Bratislava a.s 100 sludge water waste treatment
Cukrovary TTD,a.s 100 thin press water transport of concentrate for sugar production
Envites s.r.o 100 sludges filling of filter presses
Sklopísek Střeleč 100,150 silica sand wet sand mining
Sedlecký kaolin a.s. 100,150 kaoline transport and processing of kaoline
Spolchemie a.s.Ústí/L. 100,150 salt water, various chemicals chemical plants
Precheza Přerov 50,100,150 suspensions, acid solutions chemical plants

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