• Pumps

    • Centrifugal sludge pumps

    • Mape Atex pump for the explosive area

    • Protective elements of mechanical seals

    • Vertical pumps

  • Mining equipment

    • Scraper winches

    • Corf tipper

    • Scrollable grid




Used Components

Vertical pumps

Stainless steel vertical sludge pump TCS is intended for transport of chemicals, e. g. acids, lyes and other liquids which are difficult to seal from non-pressurized tanks. The major use lies in the area of ore mines and chemical plants. Transport liquid can contain even considerable amount of solid material. Maximum grain size in transported liquid is 7 mm for TCS 65 and 11 mm for TCS 125. Maximum temperature of transported liquid is 80°C.

All components of the TCS pump are made of stainless steel. The working area of the pump is formed by bolt fastening of the displacement body to the equalizing tank. In this area, the impeller rotates. The pump works in vertical position and is stuffing box-free. During operation, transported liquid is sealed hydrodynamically by the impeller. The pump is situated under the surface level of the suction tank. Its sealing during idle state is ensured by an elastic membrane; gasket rings of the membrane seal after the pump is stopped and separate when it is switched on again. During operation, there is therefore no friction between parts in contact with transported liquid.