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Used Components

Centrifugal sludge pumps

The pump MAPE, generally designed as a maintenance-free and easy-to-operate machine that will work in the most demanding operational conditions, is characterized by low operational costs, long lifetime and low usage of spare parts with the possibility of easy, quick and simple replacement of all spare parts without a need of any kind of special tools.

Horizontal centrifugal sludge pump MAPE is intended for transport of solid, bulk and both fine and coarse grained material in the form of suspension in liquid. Most frequently used liquids are sludge waters or chemicals in various concentrations. The size of mechanical material in the liquid can reach up to 55 mm, maximum liquid temperature is 120°C, ambient temperature between 0° and 40°C, pH ranges from 0 to 14 and density up to 1,800 kg/m3. The range of possible uses of this pump is wide. In case of different ordering parameters, the pump can be modified for different environment (density or temperature of pumped medium) as well.

The stuffing box forms a very important part of the pump that prevents leakage of pumped medium from the hydraulic area of the pump along the drive shaft.

Recommended connection of pumps


Suction and displacement flanges on the casing are not standardized and that is why reduction adapters for connecting are delivered with the pump according to the EN.


Drive of the MAPE pump

1. electromotor is placed above the pump – V-belt driven

  • 1.1. motor bearing above the pump 
  • 1.2. motor bearing behind the pump in longitudinal axis 

2. electromotor is placed abeam of the pump – V-belt driven

  • 2.1. motor offset in longitudinal axispopis2
  • 2.2. motor setting abeam of the pump

3. electromotor is in longitudinal axis with the pump – drive throught the clutch


For drive of MAPE pumps, electromotors by Siemens are used. for belt drive, sheaves Sit and belts Gates are used. All drives can be further provided with a frequency switch for possible changes during operation, i. e. increase or reduction of transported amount or delivery head. Horizontal centrifugal sludge pumps MAPE are by default delivered with electromotors with IP 54 shielding for humid environment, elevation up to 1,000 m above sea level, voltage 400 V and frequency 50 Hz. On special demand from the customer, the pumps can be provided with electromotors designed for environment with different parameters, e. g. IP 55, IP 60 or IP 66 shielding, voltage 110 V or 500 V and frequency 60 Hz.