• Pumps

    • Centrifugal sludge pumps

    • Mape Atex pump for the explosive area

    • Protective elements of mechanical seals

    • Vertical pumps

  • Mining equipment

    • Scraper winches

    • Corf tipper

    • Scrollable grid




Used Components

Mining equipment

ŠVE - 700 with accessories are machines designed for scraping of bulk and block material. The scraped material is by means of scraper bucket shoved to designated place in the route of the hauling rope. The shape of the bucket, which is mounted on a steel rope, depends on the characteristics of transported material. After passing through the scraped area, the bucket is drawn back at an increased speed.

Winches can be used for transport of coal in boiler-rooms, in grain drying lines, in sand pits for transport of gravels and sand, or, in mines and mining shafts, for which they were originally designed.

The winch can be only used in environments without risk of methane explosion SNM O according to the ČSN 34 1410 standard, par. 121 aa).

The design of scraper winch ŠVE - 700 is compliant with safety regulations of the Czech Mining Authority, No. 1/1971. The winch has been approved by the Government Testing Laboratory No. 214 in Ostrava-Radvanice – resolution No. 08 6042 / Z 00272. Weight of ŠVE - 700 is approx. 380 kg.

The corf tipper is used for clearance of the full tippers. The tippers are turn round over 180° to be emty.